Why Pay Oamaru, New Zealand A Visit

Oamaru is the biggest town in North Otago in New Zealand. If you’re planning a trip along the Pacific Coast, it might be a good idea to drop by this town. You’d have plenty of reasons to do so, whether you’re flying in or driving around in a rented car or a campervan.

The Penguins

There are two colonies of penguins, but they’re not just your average penguins. They are the smallest of the species in the world, called the Blue Penguins. They live on the harbour and the southern part of the town. You can find viewing areas in town where you can freely watch the penguins in their natural environment. But there are also times when these yellow-eyed sea creatures would visit the beach and live under the buildings there.

The Waitaki Valley

The valley connects Central Otago to North Otago. It boasts of vineyards, rolling farmlands, the Waitaki River, and the orchards. There are hydro dams along the river that led to the sea. Tourists and locals alike enjoy a lot of activities in these dams, such as fishing, water sports, and camping.

The Boulders

The Moeraki Boulders are among the most visited tourist stops in Oamaru, New Zealand. You can get to the boulders as you drive from the town to Palmerston, a road trip which will also allow you the scenic views offered by the Pacific Ocean. The boulders are located between Hampden and Moeraki on the Otago coast. The large spherical boulders are among the favourite subjects of photographers.

The Cycling Trails

If you like taking on vertical challenges, you can take an Otago tour. It’s a completely new experience to be cycling down rural roads and taking in the amazing cycle trails. Cycling activities are best done in small groups. It would help you maintain a somewhat flexible schedule so you can still savour the local sights and engage the local people to learn more about the place.

The Precinct

Although New Zealand is peppered with a lot of modern buildings made of steel and glass, it has not completely left its past behind. You’d know that once you get to explore the town’s central business district. It still has several public buildings that were built from the 1880s to the 1890s that are perfectly preserved. They boast of massive pillars and Victorian designs and are made out of the Oamaru stone, a local limestone. Those who love ancient architecture adore the precinct. What’s even better is that it still works as living quarters and is complete with cafes, galleries, museum, bars, and the Oamaru Opera House.

If you decide to rent a campervan in Oamaru, there are various caravan and holiday parks to choose from, such as the Oamaru Top 10 Holiday Park, the Kurow Holiday Park, the Waitaki Waters Holiday Park, and more. Just make sure the campervan park that you choose will be a convenient drive to and from all the tourist spots that you are planning to visit in Oamaru.


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