Why Hawke’s Bay Is the Best Place for a Family Holiday

Hawke’s Bay is one of the most sought places in New Zealand especially by groups of family tourists. Ever since, Hawke’s Bay has been attracting a lot of family tourists because of its vast activities and attractions to offer. So, if you and your family are up for a holiday in New Zealand, it’s best to campervan your way towards the Hawke’s Bay Region. Here are some of the things that your family might enjoy doing:

pernelPernel Fruitworld. Your children might not like too much fruits but letting them visit Pernel Fruitworld will let them gain a new perspective about fruits! Pernel Fruitworld has more than a hundred variety of fruits and you can taste all of them in their fruit shop. You and your children will surely love their fruit-flavored ice cream, crispy sweet apples and juicy pears. They also have a licenced café that serves dishes enhanced with rich fruit flavors. You can also have an orchard and animal tour.

Rush Munro’s Ice Cream Garden. If you think that you have already tasted all of the ice cream in the world, perhaps you have missed the 100% natural, real fruit ice creams of Rush Munro. By 100% natural, we mean no preservatives and no preservatives. All are naturally made from fruits so expect to have a delicious bite on pieces of fruit in your fruit ice creams. Rush Munro’s ice cream gardens let everyone to enjoy their 22 ice cream flavors.

splash planetSplash Planet. Your campervan tour in Hawke’s Bay won’t be complete without having a splash in Splash Planet. It is a very beautiful water theme park that is equipped with white knuckle water slides and the kids will be enthralled to Splash Planet’s special entertainment. Who wouldn’t be happy dipping inside the pool? Even if you’re an adult already, you will feel that you’re back on being a kid again.

The Silky Oak Chocolate Company. If you have a sweet tooth and you simply can’t resist chocolates, then the Silky Oak Chocolate Company is the right place to go. See how your favorite chocolates are being made and enjoy all of the chocolates’ aroma. You can even buy chocolates from their wide range of chocolates. If you want to know about the chocolate’s history, then you can also visit the chocolate museum.

hawkes-bay-farmyard-zooHawke’s Bay Farmyard Zoo. This is a popular petting zoo for the family. Children will enjoy seeing a wide variety of animals such as peacocks, turtles, ostriches, alpacas, lambs, rabbits, baby pigs, guinea pigs and more. You can also do horse trekking and pony rides for the children. You can also hold a picnic in the zoo’s sheltered tables. They also have a playground for children. So if you love animals and having a barbecue picnic, the Hawke’s Bay Farmyard Zoo is the perfect place for your family.

See? Hawke’s Bay is indeed the best place for a family holiday trip. For your convenience, you can rent a campervan if you want to see all of these places.

Jack Kent

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Jack Kent loves the outdoors and nothing is more enjoyable than driving his Britz campervan around the North and South islands of New Zealand. When Jack isn't driving his motorhome around, he is drinking beers with his mates, mountain biking through country New Zealand and blogging about what New Zealand has to offer.

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