What Makes New Zealand an Ideal Campervan Destination?

campervan_driveIf you dream of travelling around New Zealand and taking in the sights of its natural gifts, driving around in a campervan would be a good idea. You won’t be the only one doing it because many tourists in the country explore it in their campervans. This is because New Zealand is ideal for a campervan adventure.

Convenience and Affordability

Campervans are usually equipped with a bed, bedding, cookware, stove, and utensils. You can even comfortably wash your food and everything else in the built-in kitchen sink. But more than just the beauty and convenience of a campervan, it is also affordable to use this mode of transportation around New Zealand. What’s even better is that you can make new paths and set your own pace while exploring the country.

Easy Driving Terrain

If you are concerned about driving, you don’t need to worry about that. The New Zealand terrain makes it easier to drive. The roads are not troubled by traffic and angry and frustrated drivers and passengers. When you arrive in the country, arrange for someone to pick you up, and get ready for a great vacation ahead.

holiday_parkNumber of Campsites

Another reason to try camping in New Zealand is the number of campsites and holiday parks in the country. Almost every town, tourist spot, beach, and national park has a campsite nearby. You don’t even need to book a hotel room when you can sleep in your campervan. Some of these campsites can even accommodate you for free. But if you want to switch accommodations, you can always book one of those campground cabins.

Campground Facilities

Campgrounds in New Zealand are well-equipped to handle campervan travellers. Many of them offer the following facilities, some paid while others are for free:

– Laundry facilities

– Hot showers

– Satellite TV

– Picnic tables

– Kitchen with stove, refrigerator, tables, chairs, and sinks

– Internet

Some campsites even provide hot tubs, swimming pools, playground, games room, and trampoline for tired campers.


Public Restrooms

If you are particular about the cleanliness of the toilet that you use, many of the toilets in New Zealand might impress you. These are still public restrooms maintained with pristine conditions. They are even available to the public for free. You don’t have to worry about stopping at dirty public restrooms on the road if you don’t want to clog up your toilet in the campervan.

remote_campsiteModern and Remote Campsites

However, don’t expect all campsites to be like a resort with their media rooms and pools. Some are found in more remote locations and managed by the department of conservation. These campsites thought will show you just what nature is really like without human interference.

You can still travel safely and comfortably around New Zealand even in a basic campervan. As long as you can find campsites in the areas that you plan on visiting, you will be fine. Even if it rains, you can simply sit in your van and enjoy the weather, watch a movie, or play games with the family.

Campervan travellers love New Zealand for these reasons. Now, you can have a taste of it too if you go and book that campervan for your next vacation.

Jack Kent

About Jack Kent

Jack Kent loves the outdoors and nothing is more enjoyable than driving his Britz campervan around the North and South islands of New Zealand. When Jack isn't driving his motorhome around, he is drinking beers with his mates, mountain biking through country New Zealand and blogging about what New Zealand has to offer.

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