Touring New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay Region with a Campervan

Are you planning to travel at New Zealand? Why don’t you try bringing your whole family at New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay Region? And the best way to reach Hawke’s Bay Region is through a campervan. New Zealand is a preserved habitat having its abundant natural wonders. With that, some of New Zealand’s roads or highways are rough terrains. You need a tough vehicle to handle this. And the only answer for that is through driving with a campervan.

A campervan is a motorhome designed to meet all your traveling needs. Feel at home while you travel towards the Hawke’s Bay Region. Eat, play, and sleep. You name it. You can do anything inside your campervan to avoid getting bored during your traveling hours. So why choose the Hawke’s Bay Region? Here are some nice facts.

Fast Facts about Hawke’s Bay Region

Hawke’s Bay is one of the regions of New Zealand known for its wineries. It lies on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. Approximately, there are over 155, 000 people living in this region. It has a hilly coastal land which makes its summer hot, and its winter cool. Its weather makes it appropriate for growing large orchards and vineyards of grapes; hence the region is able to produce top quality wines.

The City of Napier

Among Hawke Bay’s top cities is Napier. The city of Napier is one of the most attractive. You can drive with your campervan heading at the south of Hawke’s Bay to reach this city. Napier has several parks and gardens. As you drive along with your campervan, you can see that some of its highways and inner streets are lined with green palm trees.

Napier is popularly known as the Art Deco City. As the name suggests, Napier contains various art deco collections in the world. In fact, every month of February, a lot of people visit Napier to take part in the celebration of the Art Deco Weekend Summer Festival. This festival is also held to celebrate Napier’s rise from a previous earthquake destruction way back in 1931. Expect to see a lot of performers on the streets; singing and dancing to their own beat. When you visit Napier with a campervan, you can feel its refreshing gentle sea breeze.

The Hawke’s Bay Region of New Zealand became known for its top quality wines because of the city of Napier. Napier is in fact the exact home of the best wineries of New Zealand.

Things to do in Hawke’s Bay Region

Aside from tasting top quality wines, you can spend the rest of your vacation exploring Hawke’s Bay cities, especially Napier. You can have a glimpse of the old houses in Napier that still stand strong despite of the turning of the hands of the clock. You will be amazed to this wonderful city because of its buildings and establishments.

You can also have a stroll around its parks and gardens. You can hold picnics and have a feast with your family. You can also have a dip in some of Hawke’s Bay’s best pools and seas.

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Jack Kent loves the outdoors and nothing is more enjoyable than driving his Britz campervan around the North and South islands of New Zealand. When Jack isn't driving his motorhome around, he is drinking beers with his mates, mountain biking through country New Zealand and blogging about what New Zealand has to offer.

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