Top Places to Visit in Cambridge, New Zealand

Located in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand, Cambridge is a simple and beautiful town best known for its horses. For several years, Cambridge has produced a lot of horses gaining fame in the field of racing and show jumping; hence, Cambridge is declared as the Town of Trees and Champions. Cambridge is not only famous for its horses, it is also known for its stunning exotic trees that grow in the heart of the town.

If you want to visit this Town of Trees and Champions, you’ll be amazed that there are a lot of options to do aside from marveling at trees and horses. For a more fun Cambridge travel, why not hire a campervan to visit from one place to another? Though Cambridge is a relatively small town, there are several places to go at.

Lake Karapiro. You can have your first stop in Cambridge’s most famed artificial lake, Lake Karapiro. Though this lake is only manmade, its beauty rivals that of a real lake. In fact, it is regarded as one of New Zealand’s best rowing venues. You can also explore the beauty of the lake through yachting, water skiing, jet skiing and other water sports. You can also take a refreshing swim at the lake.

Maungatautari Ecological Reserve. Cambridge also offers you the opportunity to have a scenic walk at the Maungatautari Ecological Island reserve. It is just a 30-minute campervan drive if you’re coming from the south of Hamilton. This unique ecological reserve allows you to experience an up-close view of New Zealand’s endangered wildlife species such as the hihi, kaka and popokatea. The ecological reserve is also packed with beautiful native fauna and flora.

Equine Walk of Fame. Of course, if you’ll be visiting Cambridge, don’t miss the chance to see its famous Equine Walk of Fame. Located at the streets of Victoria, Cambridge, the Equine Walk of Fame is a trail of 20 equine-themed mosaics magnificently placed into cobblestones. This is in commemoration of the famous bloodstock such as Balmarino, Zabeel, Sir Tristram, Young Quinn and Charisma. All of the mosaics have small plaques containing the horses’ details.

Waitakaruru Arboretum. This is the famed arboretum in New Zealand. An arboretum is a collection of trees. It is situated on top of a hillside that was once used as a quarry. The arboretum spans 17.5 hectares with more than 18,000 trees and shrubs. It is also famous for its sculpture park. Lots of sculptures are added to the collection every year.

Winery and wine tasting. Your campervan Cambridge tour will never be complete without seeing the town’s winery. It is a heavenly experience drinking a good-tasting wine while eating some sweet and salty cheese. You can also enjoy the view of the vineyards while you take a leisure sip of your wine.

Visiting Cambridge is definitely worthwhile. You get to see marvelous places and you get to do marvelous things. If you’re only staying in New Zealand for a few days, a campervan will absolutely help to explore several places within a limited time.

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