Tips for First-Time Campervan Travellers

campervan_siteYour first campervanning experience all over New Zealand should be a memorable one. But you can ensure that your memories will be mostly positive ones if you know what to do on the road.

Why Go Campervanning

New Zealand and Australia are favourites among campervan travellers because of their diverse and breathtaking scenery and various adventures. This kind of travelling has even prompted New Zealand to welcome travellers into campsites, holiday parks, and caravan parks.

Tips for Success

As first-time campervan traveller, the following tips might minimise your struggles and maximise the joy while you’re on the road:

– Some campsites in New Zealand are completely for free. However, others require travellers to donate a small amount, such as those sites in Maori Land. You can be assured though that these are authentic campsites with great amenities.

– Buy your food, drinks, and water from supermarkets. They are cheaper there compared to those found in service stations.

– There are campervan rental companies that offer extra services, such as a driver, zero one-way fees, and camping equipment. You might want to look for these companies if you want the freebies.

campervan_travellers– Be ready to meet a lot of new people during your trip. The best thing about using campervans is that you can control wherever and whenever you go, unlike those paid tours that will limit you to your group, to certain tourist spots, and to a certain travelling time.

– Don’t be afraid to pay more for a rental campervan with better features. Your money won’t be wasted on a campervan with a fridge and a gas hob, for instance. These are important features for a family that prefers to cook and are great ways to save money during the trip as well.

– Pack some camping chairs. These are must-haves if you want to sit around and take in the view of the camping grounds and campsites.

– Look for powered campgrounds. Many campervans have powerpoints used to recharge electrical devices, but you have to power them up in campgrounds with a 240v main power.

– Bring mosquito repellent and coils. These are especially important during summer.

– Research more about the weather and the temperatures in New Zealand during different seasons, especially during the winter. If you have no other free time to roam the country except in the winter, then you should look for campervans with heaters. Bring extra duvets for extra heat.

– Practice driving bigger cars first. Campervans are larger and taller than your regular cars. If you want to build your confidence in your driving skills, practice.

– Give some time to rest before going on your campervan trip. No matter how excited you are to be on the New Zealand road, it is not safe and healthy to drive right away. Rest your jetlag away and book a hotel room for a few days before starting your road trip.

campervan_toilet– Be prepared to clean the toilet if you choose a campervan with a toilet and a shower.

Enjoy your first campervan experience with the help of these tips. When you talk to the other campers, be sure to take note of their life-on-the-road lessons too.



Jack Kent

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Jack Kent loves the outdoors and nothing is more enjoyable than driving his Britz campervan around the North and South islands of New Zealand. When Jack isn't driving his motorhome around, he is drinking beers with his mates, mountain biking through country New Zealand and blogging about what New Zealand has to offer.

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