Places to Go on a Campervan Holiday in New Zealand’s South Island

If you’re looking for a memorable vacation destination where you can discover pure, unspoiled natural wonders, indulge in exciting outdoor adventures, experience rich and diverse cultures and meet wonderful people, New Zealand would be your best choice. This country attracts millions of travellers from all over the world, and currently, the most popular choice for travelling around New Zealand is via a campervan. Nothing can beat the feeling of experiencing the country’s spectacular natural surroundings up close and first hand while driving around in a campervan. Before you hire a campervan and hit the road, it would help you a great deal to plan your destination. If you’re thinking of visiting the country’s South Island, here are several tourist destinations to consider.


Located on the east coast of the South Island is the beautiful seaside town of Kaikoura. The town’s peninsula overlookKaikoura campervan hires the breathtaking mountains of the Kaikoura Ranges, but the real beauty lies in the town’s coastal waters, which is home to an abundant range of sea creatures, marine mammals and seabirds. You can enjoy swimming, diving and fishing, and you can also eat in one of the town’s restaurant to try Kaikoura’s specialty, crayfish. Freedom camping is welcome in this town; however, your campervan should have a self-contained toilet facility. You can also park your campervan in one of Kaikoura’s numerous motor camps and holiday parks.

Westland Tai Poutini National Park

Westland Tai Poutini National Park campervan hireSituated on the western coast of the South Island, this national park is world-famous for its scenic lakes, temperate rainforests and two dominant glaciers, the Franz Josef Glacier and the Fox Glacier. You can go up and trek one of these glaciers or go down trail hiking in the Beech forest in the park’s lowland areas. If you’re looking for breathtaking scenery, the Westland Tai Poutini National Park would be an excellent destination.

Mt Cook National Park

Mt Cook national Park is a World Heritage site situated in the South Island’s South Westland region. This popular tourist destination boasts the country’s highest peak, Mt Cook as well as neighbouring mountains Mt Sefton and Mt Tasman. If yoMt Cook National Park campervan hireur idea of adventure is trekking in rugged alpine terrain, then this national park would be a perfect destination. You can take one of the many guided treks available that range from an easier 2-hour stroll to more rugged tracks for more experienced trekkers.

You can park your campervan in the nearby Glentanner Park, about 15 minutes from the national park. There are daily helicopter and plane rides available that take you to the top of the Tasman glacier, where you can find New Zealand’s longest ski run. You can descend the glacier on a guided skiing trip. Aside from taking skiing adventure packages, you can make the experience more memorable by exploring spectacular ice caves and canyons in the Tasman glacier.

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park campervan hire

This wondrous place may be the country’s smallest national park, however you can find huge, breathtaking attractions here. Situated in one of the country’s sunniest areas, the Abel Tasman National Park is home to New Zealand’s finest beaches. Here you can park your campervan to experience golden sand and white beaches, incredible rock formations, and the crystal clear waters of the Tasman Sea. The park is surrounded by lush temperate rainforests. You can park your campervan in one of the beach camps in the park like the Marahau Beach Camp. From there you can go kayaking or take the famous Abel Tasman Walk. There are Sea Taxis available that will take you to different beaches within the area.

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