Less Traveled yet Beautiful Tracks of New Zealand

milfordUndoubtedly, the Milford Track of New Zealand is one of the best. Tourists flock over this track even if it is the most expensive track there is in the land of adventures. It’s always in the press and people are attracted to its stunning scenery. However, New Zealand also has other beautiful tracks which are less traveled. Though they are less traveled compared to the popular 53.5 km walk of Milford Track, each of those less traveled tracks possess unique qualities that will surely amaze foreign and local tourists. Get inside your campervan and head towards these less traveled yet beautiful tracks of New Zealand:

The Hollyford Track

The Hollyford Track is located in the southwestern part of South Island and at the northern edge of Fiordland. It is a flat track spanning a 56 kilometer walk from the Hollyford River to the turning course of the Hollyford Valley. You can access the track with a campervan through its accessible road nearby the Homer Tunnel. Following a north to south direction path, you can see the Tasman Sea and the Milford Sound.

hollyfordIts most popular attractions are the Lake Alabaster and the Lake McKerrow. Hikers and trampers also like to visit Hollyford Track because of its stunning lowland forest a scenic mountain views. This track is suitable for all ages because of its almost flat course. Children will also love the wildlife from the track which includes herons, penguins and even seals. However, independent walkers and hikers are advised to be careful along the Lake McKerrow Demon Trail because of its heavy swampy nature such as wet tracks and fast-flowing side streams.

You can go for a hike or tramp in the Hollyford Track independently but there are also guided tours operated by the Ngai Tahu Tourism. With a guided tour, you can do hiking, fantastic helicopter flights and exciting jetboating activities. The tour can be up to three days in length so that you can explore more of the Hollyford Track.

The Abel Tasman Coast Track

Before, the Abel Tasman Coast Track is not so much popular among tourists. But today, it is gaining popularity because of its nice climate, golden beaches and coastal forest. If you love water adventures, then this place is the best one to go.

abelThe Abel Tasman Coast Track can be reached via campervan through the road access points in Totaranui and Awaroa. The track is located in the Abel Tasman National Park which is on the northern shores of South Island. The track spans a 54.4 kilometer walk which can be completed an average of 3-5 days.

You can walk or hike along the track or you can do kayaking. In fact, kayaking is the most popular water adventure activity in the Abel Tasman Coast Track. For other activities, there are also shopping centers and café shops in the track’s nearest towns like Nelson, Takaka and Motueka.

So if you want to see beautiful yet less traveled tracks of New Zealand, you should head out in these two places.


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