Hiring a Campervan for New Zealand Cross-Country Travel

Cross-Country Travel Made Easy

Cross-country travel is a popular way to spend one’s vacation nowadays. It’s a good way to relax and unwind, because you’ll rarely have to lift a muscle as you sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s the perfect way for you to catch a glimpse of the countryside and appreciate nature’s wonders even while you’re traveling. Cross-country travel has a distinct advantage over traveling in airplanes or trains- it allows you to stop at any point of your journey. Other modes of transportation might be faster, less bumpy, and possibly even cheaper- but the campervan beats all of them because it allows you to impose your own pace. This is important because you’ll be granted easy access to tourist spots that you won’t want to miss, not with New Zealand’s abundance of coastline beaches and nature trails. You can disembark at any scenic spot, take photographs, write notes, engage in any outdoor sport, or even set camp for the night. Riding in a campervan also grants you the luxury of tuning out whenever you want. If you’re tired or sleepy, you can always sleep during the travel, or take advantage of any entertainment system installed in the campervan.

Whangarei campervan hire

Disadvantages of Other Modes of Transportation

Before campervans became a popular mode of transportation, tourists either rode the bus or their own vehicle for their cross-country treks. The problem with tour buses is that they usually have a set itinerary. If you’re riding in a bus and you suddenly want to stop at a certain spot so that you can walk around and get a closer view, you’ll have to get the consensus of the other passengers or the tour guide. Another problem with riding buses is that it doesn’t afford you any privacy. You might have difficulty sleeping during the journey, especially you’re seated near noisy infants or children. While there may be entertainment systems such as on-board stereo, DVD player, and flat screen TV, you won’t have sole control of their programming. This can be a hassle especially if you don’t like the music being played or the movie being shown. There’s also limited storage space in the bus, so you can’t bring a lot of outdoor gear with you. The greatest disadvantage of traveling in buses is that it’s similar to trains and airplanes at times- that is, it travels too fast, especially when you’re rolling down the highway. Unlike other countries that rarely have roadside attractions at major highways, New Zealand has structures that you can’t afford to miss out, such as traditional dairy farms and historical sites. There’s a good chance that you’ll overlook these sights if you’re in a bus that’s zooming at a hundred kilometers per hour.

Hiring a Campervan

How do you get a campervan at Whangarei or another city in Northland? You can hire one by checking out travel agencies or rental agencies that offer New Zealand campervans for cross-country travel. If you have a tour guide, ask him or her for popular, highly recommended companies that have the latest, multi-featured campervans. You can also search the Internet for advertisements regarding the rates and terms of use of New Zealand campervans.

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