How to Go Around Kerikeri in Your Campervan

Kerikeri is located at the northern end of the Bay of Islands. It has an airport, which makes it a jump-off point for anyone who wants to explore the region.

If you want to experience Kerikeri better, it would be best to do it inside a campervan for hire. That way, you can set your itinerary to your schedule but still be flexible about it because you’ll be the one driving around the place. You can explore Kerikeri without missing the important stops with the use of your campervan.

Places to Visit

You can drop by the Kerikeri Mission Station. This is the oldest building in New Zealand that was built in 1822. The Stone Store, the building next to the station, is also the oldest stone building in the country, having been built in 1832. Both buildings have the benefit of being surrounded by a scenic setting close to the Kerikeri River.

Te Waimate Mission and St. John the Baptist Church are just 15 minutes away from Kerikeri. It’s the remnants of a model farm that was constructed by early missionaries in its rural setting.

You may also want to be one with nature during a visit to Wharepuke Falls and Rainbow Falls. You can get to Rainbow Falls by walking from the Stone Store for an hour. Prepare yourself to conquer a rather steep climb to the top of the falls, but you can also choose to take your campervan with you because there is a car park at the top.

If you love historical sites, the St, James Church would be a good stop. It was constructed in 1878. Its surrounding church is home to the remains of prominent Maori chides and early settlers. It’s a short climb just above the Stone Store and the Mission Station.

The Rewa Village is another site worth visiting. It’s a reconstruction of an unfortified Maori village, called a kainga, complete with a meeting house, a kitchen, and storerooms. It provides a glimpse into how the early Maori ancestors used to live.

Top Things to Do

The Bay of Islands is known for big-game fishing. It has even captured the fancy of Zane Gray, an American author, in the 1930s. You can take charter operations around the bay too.

Flying schools and flying adventures are readily available at the Kerikeri Airport. If you want to challenge yourself more, you may be interested in tandem parachute jumping too.

Sailing on Doves Bay is another must-do in Kerikeri. It is considered one of the best boating waters in the world.

For avid golfers, there are world class golf courses in the district, such as the Kerikeri Golf Club and the Kauri Cliffs Golf Course.

You can explore all these sites and enjoy all these activities if you can freely move around Kerikeri. It’s possible if you rent a campervan, where you can squeeze in a large family or a large group of friends. You can even adjust your schedule whenever you want to add a new spot to visit because you have a campervan with you.

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