Enjoying Your Stay at Whangarei!

Hey, hey, hey! It is time to go to Whangarei! This is the northernmost city in the vast green and the beautiful country of New Zealand and it is regarded Northland region capital city. The city is included in the Whangarei District, a local government body instituted in 1989 for the administration of the city proper as well as the surrounding areas. The population recorded in this area as of June 2012 may only be as few as 52, 500 but the number of beautiful places you can visit and enjoy is limitless. In fact, every suburbs in Whangarei is a must see as each one of them has its own attractions and popular tourist spots. But before you start a Whangarei tour, getting a campervan hire first is necessary so you will be able to fully explore and discover each place you include in your itinerary.

The Astounding Mount Parihaka

This is one of the most famed nature spots in Whangarei and as old as 20 million years ago. The volcanic dome, which is Mount Parihaka, is about 241 meters up high and located at the northeastern part of the central area of the city. The volcano is included in the Harbour Fault and the Parihaka Scenic Reserve surrounds this dome. Do not worry about your campervan hire, as there is access to the road up to the summit of Parihaka. You can also walk through the reserve by following the trail.

The Wonderland of Limestone Island

Limestone Island, which is also called Matakohe is in the harbor near the city of Whangarei. This natural attraction is currently owned by the Whangarei District and is currently undergoing ecological island restoration. You cannot reach this place by solely using your campervan hire as you will need a boat to go here only on its schedule public viewing which is regularly at 11 am, every Sunday.

Tutukaka Harbour

The Tutukaka Harbour is the stunning main port of the Whangarei District and this area offers opportunity for travelers to embark on some water activities such as diving, sightseeing or fishing by taking a charter boat ride. This is a great way for people to discover the coast of Whangarei in a unique and exciting ways, letting you discover hidden bays and other awesome natural richness of the place.

Whangarei may currently be in the process nowadays of developing as a vibrant urban city but its rich hinterland—with the farmlands, forests, beaches orchards and more, there is no way you and your family will not enjoy a tour to the place with your new campervan hire as it lets you discover the best of two different worlds.

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