Campervan Travels: Where to Camp in Northland

forest poolsNorthland is one of the several regions of New Zealand known for its marine reserves, mangroves, spectacular coastlines, wild beaches, green forests and a lot more. Undoubtedly, tourists including campervan travelers are enamored by the beauty of the Northland region.

Exploring Northland in a day may not just be enough. If you are up for a camping adventure in Northland, then you should prep up your campervan and fill it with your necessary camping gears. And of course, don’t forget the grills. Camping would never be complete without the grills.

To give you some ideas on where to camp, here are some of our recommended camping grounds in Northland, New Zealand.

Forest Pools Campsite

If you don’t want anything grand but you’re still longing for a nature-feel campsite, Forest Pools is the great option to go. The Forest Pools campsite is close to the beautiful Waipapa River wherein you could swim, hold picnics or tramp to the nearby forest. It’s easy to get in the Forest Pools campsite. You could reach it with your campervan by following the start or end point of the Waipapa River track.

Pandora Campsite

It’s free to visit the Pandora conservation site. You don’t have to do complicated bookings – the basis is only first come, first served. You would love this camping site because of the picturesque view of the Pandora Bay. You could swim, fish and walk along the coastlines. However, to get to the campsite, you have to walk on foot – so you have to leave your campervan at the car park in Cape Reinga. Then you would walk for an hour to get at the Pandora campsite.

MAR_1518Kapowairua Campsite

Kapowairua is also popularly known as the Spirits Bay campsite. If you want to camp between beaches and hills, then Kapowairua is the best destination for you. This is the perfect place to swim, fish and walking. You would definitely feel relaxed if you camp around this place. Even the kids would love this campsite because of the wildlife in the green forests and the sandy beaches.

Otamure Bay

You could reach the Otamure Bay with your campervan 4 km past the Wananaki shop and school. You would be amazed with the scenery – clear blue waters and bushy forests. Like the other campsites, you could swim, fish and walk around the area. The campsite includes facilities such as shower rooms, toilets, tap water and rubbish bins. Keep the area clean before you leave.

rarawaRarawa Beach Campsite

Rarawa Beach is located in the far north of Northland. What’s different about this campsite is that it has a white sandy beach. You could choose to camp near the river bank where you could see a good view of the beach. Swim, fish or hike around the forest tracks.

Camping is a fun and a thrilling experience. You get the chance to be with your friends or family spending the days camping and doing some thrilling activities. If you haven’t experienced camping yet, then consider these camping sites in Northland.

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