Campervan Travel: Things to Do in Bay of Islands

In the North Island part of New Zealand, among the well-liked region of tourists is the Bay of Islands. It is a popular tourist destination because it beholds an astonishing beauty. Sandy beaches or rocky coastlines always attract a great deal of tourists. Its scenic highways make it a favourite driving spot for travelers. If you want to explore the Bay of Islands, it is best to do it with a campervan. A campervan is your tough travel buddy when it comes to exploring the several wonderful destinations of the Bay of Islands. And if you want to do fun things in this region, here are some things to do in the Bay of Islands.

Top Things to Do

Swimming in Tropical Beaches – When you already reached the Bay of Islands through a campervan, you could go straight towards its tropical beaches. The Bay of Islands is one perfect destination to go for a swim. During the summer months, the beaches of Bay Islands are commonly visited by tourists and travelers.

Horseback Riding – Another great thing to do is horseback riding. If you want to have a rest exploring the place with a campervan, you could go on horseback ride. In fact, you could do a horseback riding while in the beach. It’s best to do this activity during sunset.

Fishing and Sailing – Don’t limit yourself with swimming alone. Explore the beaches of the Bay of Islands through fishing and sailing. These are definitely fun activities since you could catch your own dinner. There are many sailboats there with affordable rentals.

Dolphin Watching – If you want to see dolphins jumping out of the water or even swim with them, the Bay of Islands has lots of dolphins. However, if you want to swim with them, you will pay for an extra fee.

Hiking – Go on a hike during a nice sunny weather. The Bay of Islands has guided walks and tours in which you could enjoy wildlife spotting, bird watching, sightseeing, and many more. And don’t forget the photos!

Historical Exploration – With your campervan, you could head towards the Waitangi Grounds for a historical exploration in the Bay of Islands. In the Waitangi Grounds, the most significant document of New Zealand was signed.

When you’re set in an exploration in the Bay of Islands, among the top budget tips is to cook your own food since the cost of eating out may be expensive. And if you want to have your own transportation, it is best to hire a campervan. You could search in our database on where to find the perfect campervan for you.


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