Campervan Travel: Reasons to Visit New Zealand

Do you have that sudden urge to travel the world? If so, then you should consider including New Zealand into your list. New Zealand is a beautiful location endowed with several scenic views. Travelers love to visit New Zealand to see great places and to do awesome and exhilarating activities. As soon as you get there, it is recommended to hire a campervan for a hassle free travel. New Zealand has many tourist spots that you should absolutely see. And to be able to do that, you need a campervan to do the job. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit New Zealand.


You should absolutely visit New Zealand because there is Queenstown. It is a town in New Zealand blessed with astonishing beauty. Queenstown is surrounded by tall, green mountains. It also consists of a beautiful lake. Everyone loves to have their campervan drive towards Queenstown because it exudes a very vibrant and colorful atmosphere. In Queenstown, you could also experience the famous 417 metre Nevis Bungy Jump.

Glacier Trekking

Do you want to walk and hike on a land of ice? In New Zealand, you could have the opportunity to hike glaciers. There are the Fox and Franz Joseph glaciers, the famous glacier trekking in New Zealand. Experience something new through climbing and walking through the glacier’s tunnels.

Extreme Sports

Perhaps you are already aware that New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world. In New Zealand, you could experience the most thrilling sports of your life. You could bungy jump, sky dive, white water rafting, zip lining, hike, swim with the dolphins, and many more! Why don’t you drive your campervan towards New Zealand’s best locations for extreme sports?

Abel Tasman National Park

Another reason to visit New Zealand is to have a glimpse at the Abel Tasman National Park. This location is comparable to Thailand because it exudes a tropical feel. There are beautiful beaches, giant ferns, tall trees and a very agreeable climate. People just love to hike there and do wildlife spotting and bird watching. And others enjoy kayaking in its beautiful lakes.

The Lord of the Rings

And lastly, if you want to see for yourself the location where the film, The Lord of the Rings, is filmed, you have to visit New Zealand. You could see where Frodo destroyed the ring, the eerie yet beautiful forests, and the Hobbit houses! Indeed, New Zealand offers you the Lord of the Rings experience.



Jack Kent

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Jack Kent loves the outdoors and nothing is more enjoyable than driving his Britz campervan around the North and South islands of New Zealand. When Jack isn't driving his motorhome around, he is drinking beers with his mates, mountain biking through country New Zealand and blogging about what New Zealand has to offer.

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