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Whangarei is only a 2 hour (158 kilometer) drive north of Auckland.

Affordable Campervan Hire in Whangarei

The major city of Whangarei lies in the Northland region of New Zealand. With a large population of 52,200. This is a fun and busy place to visit in your campervan rental and you can really explore Whangarei and try the many fun activities that the area has to offer. It is popular among tourists and residents alike and has a vibrant community. With great transport routes in the area, you’ll be able to travel to nearby towns and cities, or explore further afield, using the same campervan that you initially hired when you arrived in Whangarei.

Your Whangarei Campervan Adventure Starts Here

You should let My Campervan™ help you to search for the most suitable campervan for your holiday when you choose to visit Whangarei. We have many great vehicles for you to choose from and you can make some big savings too.

Campervans are really convenient for many reasons. If you’ve never tried a campervan holiday before, and don’t know what to expect, you will be pleased to know that there are all kinds of advantages in comparison to staying in the usual hotel accommodation.

If you’ve travelled to a location away from Whangarei, you will have to wait out heavy bouts of rain if the weather changes suddenly, while a miserable rainy day may even mean that you’re confined to your hotel. When you’re in a motorhome, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and continue your journey, regardless of any weather that comes your way. You’re always likely to be close to your motorhome and the facilities and amenities that are on board. You will even be safe inside your campervan when there is a sudden change of climate. And if you are caught in the rain, at lease you’re never far from your motorhome, a shower and a hairdryer!

If you enjoy having all your creature comforts to hand, you’ll love being in a campervan. You have everything you want there including warmth, safety and cooking facilities. Campervans usually come equipped with a hob, so you don’t even need to miss out on that essential cup of tea in the morning!

Choose from venues like the Whangarei Top 10 Holiday Park, Kamo Springs Caravan Park, Ruakaka Reserve Motor Camp, Camp Waipu Cove and the Waipu Cove Cottages & Camping if you want additional entertainment or the security of being in a designated site.

Exciting Things to do in your Hired Campervan Near Whangarei

When you’re travelling around Whangarei in your campervan rental, you’ll be able to see more of the town and its surroundings than you would be by foot. You can traverse the many highways that branch out from Whangarei, or try one of the many and varied activities that are available in Whangarei itself.

If you’re visiting with your family, you should park your campervan in Whangarei and visit the Clapham’s Clock Museum. Here, you’ll be able to see the largest collections of clocks in the Southern Hemisphere. You can then drive to the beautiful Whangarei Falls and admire the stunning scenery.

You can use your campervan to visit nearby locations such as the Ah Reed Kauri Park, where visitors like to walk along the tracks of an original Kauri forest.

Take a ride in your motorhome rental to Mount Parihaka, which is just a short distance from Whangarei, and see a panoramic view of the city below, or visit the recuperating injured birds at Native Bird Recovery Centre.

You’ll have excellent transport routes when you choose a campervan rental as Whangarei lies on State Highway 1. This particular highway is the longest and most significant road in New Zealand and it is great for getting to nearby points of interest so that you don’t have to stay in Whangarei the whole time. When you are planning your trip in your campervan from Whangarei, you should note that the highway appears as SH 1 on maps, although if you are using road signs to guide you, you should look out for a ‘white number 1′ on a red shield. If you were travelling to Whangarei, then you would use State Highway 1 to travel from Whangarei Airport. Conveniently located, Whangarei is just 160 kilometres north of Auckland, with an airport only minutes from the city centre, so if you are visiting Whangarei from outside of New Zealand, you will be able to easily reach Whangarei from the airport. State Highway 14 links Dargaville to Whangarei and in your campervan from Whangarei, you will only need to travel for 50 minutes.

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Drive Your Motorhome through Whangarei’s History

When you choose campervan rentals in Whangarei, you’ll be able to enjoy the history that the city has to offer. Not only will you have access to lots of fun activities, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the history and culture of the city’s past.

The city of Whangarei is the most northern city in New Zealand, as well as being the regional capital of Northland Region. Whangarei is popular amongst seasonal tourists and residents because the city falls in the oceanic climate zone. The resulting weather means that summer days often exceed 30 Celsius, with plenty of rainfall that is spread evenly over the year.

The city was once the most urbanised area in Northland and saw a substantial growth, especially towards the end of the 19th century. In the 20th century however, the growth began to slow, and whilst the city remains vibrant and busy, its population has risen much less slowly. Whangarei was declared as a city in 1965 despite the reduced rate of growth of the 20th century. Much of the reason for the decline in growth in the city was due to the popularity of terrestrial travel routes forcing a decline in the demand for coastal shipping.