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Timaru is only a 2 hour 20 minutes (163 kilometer) drive south of Christchurch.

Affordable Campervan Hire in Timaru

When you hire a campervan in Timaru, you’ll be able to travel around the beautiful Canterbury region of New Zealand. Choosing campervan rental in Timaru will allow you to get to other nearby towns that you wouldn’t be able to reach so easily otherwise. For example, Timaru lies 200 kilometres to the North East of Dunedin and 160 kilometres to the southwest of Christchurch. The town has a large population of 27,200 and you will be able to find all kinds of fun activities to do whilst staying in your campervan in Timaru.

Your Timaru Campervan Adventure Starts Here

If you’re choosing motorhome hire, Timaru has many great locations for you to stay in close to the activities in the town. Great spots such as the Glenmark Holiday Park, Timaru Top 10 Holiday Park and the Twizel Holiday Park are just a few of the great spots where you’ll be able to park your campervan during your stay.

Use The My Campervan search tools to customise your search in relation to your budget and requirements, depending on the size of your travelling party, whether you want mostly touring sites and thus maybe less facilities within the motorhome, or you wish to travel and stop extensively on the way and require more luxury. Whatever you are seeking you will find great deals at My Campervan.

There are so many reasons why you should choose campervan hire in Timaru. You’ll be able to explore lots of places throughout a day trip, rather than having to spend all day in the same place, as you’ll have your own transport to hop into and move on in. You’ll be able to cook your own food and enjoy it with your family or friends who are companying you on the trip. Being able to choose your place to stop for the night allows you to enjoy a great night’s sleep and there’s no need for worrying about leaving your valuables at a hotel, because you will take everything with you.

You can truly enjoy the sights of this beautiful area of New Zealand when you choose campervan hire in Timaru and you wont have to stick to a strict itinerary. It’s like having a home from home, with all the luxuries and comfort you need while exploring at the same time.

Things to do Near Timaru in your Hired Campervan

When you choose motorhome hire, Timaru will be able to offer you all kinds of fun things to do that you’ll be able to experience fully from the comfort of your campervan, or just by using your campervan in Timaru to get to the venue.

Why not visit the Timaru Botanic Gardens, which are open 365 days a week? This is a great way to see the stunning plant life that grows in the area. You’ll be able to experience Maori culture if you use your campervan to visit the stunning Te Ana Ngai Tahu Maori Rock Art Centre. Many people who are interested in the history of Timaru like to visit Pleasant Point, home to the Pleasant Point steam railway, the award-winning Opihi vineyard, Denheath House and a working blacksmith. My Campervan™ is the place to search for the perfect campervan rental for your adventure.

Timaru is a convenient ski base for winter skiers, so if you like to ski, or if you’d like to try it, use your campervan rental in Timaru to travel to a skiing location. You can learn about the area’s whaling history at the amazing South Canterbury Museum, which is just a short drive in your campervan from Timaru.

When you are travelling through Timaru and the surrounding area, you’ll be able to take one of several nearby State Highways to help you to connect with nearby towns.

Highway State Highway 78 begins at State Highway 1 just north of the CBD and connects Central Timaru with its port. It is known as New Zealand’s shortest State Highway, with a length of just under 1000 metres. The highway follows Sefton Street East for 200 metres to Stafford Street, where it becomes the Port Loop Road. When you’re travelling in your campervan, you can travel northeast over the South Island Main Trunk railway. This highwayends at Marine Parade.

State Highway 8 is one of New Zealand’s eight national highways. When you’re travelling in your campervan rental in Timaru, you will leavestate Highway 1 at Washdyke, travelling initially northwest towards the town of Fairie. From here you’ll be going westward and will notice the rising altitude, passing the southern end of the two great Mackenzie Basin lakes of Tekapo and Pukaki. If you want to make this kind of trip, you should use My Campervan™ to find and book the best value campervan for your adventure.

Finally, State Highway 1 is the longest and most significant road in New Zealand. It is so long that it runs the length of both main islands. Conveniently for your campervan hire, Timaru is located on State HIghway1, the main road route down the eastern coast of the South Island. You’ll be able to visit almost any location using this highway, as well as enjoying the amazing views and scenery that you’ll be surrounded by.

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Take Your Motorhome through Timaru’s History

The town of Timaru is a major port that lies in the southern Canterbury region of New Zealand. It was built on rolling hills – a landscape that was created thousands of years ago by lava flows from the now extinct Mt Horrible volcano. You can see the stunning beauty of the area as you travel by campervan and see the sights at your own pace.

There are several theories behind the origin of the town’s name, with some theories telling of how ‘Timaru’ derives from Māori Te Maru, which can mean a ‘place of shelter’, whilst others believe it is a literal translation of the combination of ‘ti’, a cabbage tree and maru, meaning ‘shady’.

Timaru is one of the major cargo ports of the South Island and is also the second largest fishing port in New Zealand.