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The resort town of Queenstown is a popular place for tourists to visit. If you choose to stay in a campervan rental in Queenstown, explore the Otago region of New Zealand and enjoy the many activities that Queenstown and the surrounding area has to offer. With a population of 10,416, Queenstown is filled with fun and excitement and you’ll be welcomed by the friendly locals. Even though Queenstown is located 486 kilometres southwest of Christchurch, it is still possible to reach cities and towns that are located further away when you hire a campervan for your holiday, and with many State Highways passing through or near Queenstown, you’ll find navigating to and from the town an easy task.

Your Queenstown Campervan Adventure Starts Here

If you’re planning on choosing motorhome hire for your next trip to Queenstown, you should ensure that your motorhome meets your travelling needs. If you are travelling with your family, you will be looking for the larger more comfortable campervans that Queenstown can offer as well as the usual facilities that you may expect to find in a motorhome. My Campervan™ has a powerful search feature that will allow you to search for the best campervans available in the Queenstown area, within your budget and to fit your travelling dates and needs exactly.

There are a few great reasons why you should choose a campervan for your trip to Queenstown. If you’ve never tried it before, you really are missing out on something special. If you’ve ever thought taking the kids on holiday is stressful or hard work, you’ll be amazed to discover how easy it is, travelling with your kids in a campervan especially around Queenstown. In the evening, you will be able to tuck your children safely in bed and still be able to spend some adult time together, either in the comfort of the living area, or sitting outside surrounded by New Zealand’s beauty, knowing that your children are close by and safe.

Of course, you’ll be able to save money on hotel and restaurant bills, and you won’t need to carry all your possessions with you when you want to move from place to place as your campervan has plenty of storage to carry your luggage. You can travel wherever and whenever you like, regardless of facilities in the area as you will bring everything you need with you in the campervan rented through our My Campervan™ site.

Things to do Near Queenstown in your Hired Campervan

Because you’ll have your own transport and accommodation in your campervan you’ll be able to try more activities in and around Queenstown than you would if you were relying on regular accommodation and public transport.

You can take part in water sports such as jet skiing and whitewater rafting and adventure sports like skiing, or try bungee jumping if you’re brave enough. Or if you prefer calmer activities, park up your campervan and see the Queenstown on a different set of wheels when mountain biking or skateboarding, or simply take one of the walking trails or go tramping in a more relaxing way to explore Queenstown.

The primary road access to the Queenstown area is via State Highway 6, a road that allows you to travel from Cromwell through the Kawarau Gorge to Frankton. A 9 kilometre spur of the highway leads to the centre of Queenstown and connects with the Glenorchy Road in Frankton.

If you stay on the highway and continue south in your campervan from Queenstown, you’ll end up crossing the Kawarau river before heading down the eastern side of Lake Wakatipu to Kingston before crossing the provincial boundary and emerging on the plains of Southland, terminating in the city of Invercargill. You will have to chance to brave New Zealand’s highest paved public road and by taking this difficult road over the Crown Range leading to Cardrona ski field and Wanaka you will see the breathtaking views. If you don’t like heights though, you may wish to take a detour.

Climbing through the Southern Alps, State Highway 94 is one of the highest and most scenic state highways in New Zealand and it passes close to Queenstown. The highest part of the highway is 940 meters above sea level and you can take a great journey through the mountainous terrain of the South Island. Tourist traffic from Queenstown turns onto State Highway 94 in Mossburn from State Highway 97.

State Highway 97 is a smooth ride for your motorhome rental in New Zealand, connecting the settlements of Five Rivers and Mossburn in the Southland Region. You should take this highway in your campervan to travel from Queenstown to the Fiordland National Park and bypass through the town of Lumsden, where State Highways 6 and 94 intersect. The road proceeds generally in an east-west direction through dairying farmland and crosses the Oreti River just north of Mossburn. State Highway 97 has a total length of 19.7 kilometres so it won’t take you long to drive along it.

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Drive Your Motorhome through Queenstown’s History

Queenstown is a resort town that lies in Otago in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island. It is a centre for adventure tourism and Queenstown has a reputation as one of New Zealand’s wine and cuisine centres.

Queenstown is known as the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’, with all kinds of water and outdoor sports to try, and for movie buffs, Queenstown and the surrounding area contains many locations used in the filming of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy as well as the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.