The closest ‘Pick Up’ location for your hired campervan is Hamilton.
New Plymouth is only a 3 hour (240 kilometer) drive south of Hamilton.

Affordable Campervan Hire, New Plymouth

When you want to visit New Plymouth, you’ll be able to hire a campervan and drive to New Plymouth to fully explore the city and the region of Taranaki. With a large population of 68,901, the city is busy and filled with things to do. New Plymouth lies a short 18.6 kilometres northwest of Inglewood so you can also visit this nearby town to find even more things to discover and explore.

Your Great New Plymouth Campervan Adventure Starts Here

If you are planning on choosing motorhome hire in New Plymouth when you come to stay, My Campervan™ can help you to find the most comfortable motorhomes available so you can enjoy your trip to New Plymouth in comfort. You will find the best deals available using the My Campervan search tool.

When you are travelling by campervan in New Plymouth, you’ll find that this fun way of travelling is much more convenient than any other way for your New Zealand adventure.

For example, you could park up with an alpine vista outside your kitchen window or the beach outside your bedroom door and enjoy sleeping right at the heart of some beautiful scenery. You’ll never need to ask a member of hotel staff if you can change rooms, as you get to create your own views. You can stop whenever you want and decide where you’ll be next watching the sunset.

Or you can choose motorhome parks in and around New Plymouth that have all the facilities and comforts that you need, including entertainment for the family. Just some of the choices that you will have include the New Plymouth Top 10 Holiday Park, Oakura Beach Holiday Park, Belt Road Seaside Holiday Park and the Fitzroy Beach Holiday Park.

Inside your campervan rented through the My Campervan website, you’ll find all the luxuries of home, with your own cooking, cleaning, leisure and sleeping facilities. It is also a very cheap and convenient way to see lots of locations. A motorhome is a perfect place to meet up if you have many friends in New Plymouth and the surrounding areas, you can drive to them or all meet at a beautiful location and dine from your campervan anywhere you like around New Plymouth.

There is abundance of great scenery around New Zealand, so you can also look at our other areas such as our motorhome hire in Christchurch, campervans from Auckland or from any of our other depots.

Great Things to do Near New Plymouth in your Hired Campervan

If you hire a campervan in New Plymouth, you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of great activities. Your accommodation on wheels is perfect for getting from place to place either in a hurry if you have just found out about a great event happening right that second, or at your leisure without time constraints.

You can go canoeing and kayaking and see the Taranaki region when you visit New Plymouth in your campervan. If would like a different and unique perspective, you can see New Plymouth and the Taranaki region from the air via Heliview Flights, or take a local scenic flight with the New Plymouth Aero Club. You can learn about more about the area when you visit the BookStop Gallery, dubbed as the “A Place for Discovery”.

If you’re in New Plymouth at the right time of year, you can see the TSB Bank’s Festival of Lights at Pukekura Park. This is a fun event, where fluorescent pebble paths sparkle and majestic trees and plants glow.

State Highway 3 is one of New Zealand’s eight National Highways. It serves the west coast of the country’s North Island and forms a link between State Highway 1 and State Highway 2. You can join this highway easily from New Plymouth. The highway leaves State Highway 1 at Hamilton, and heads south through farmland, passing through Te Awamutu. Although sections of this stretch of the road have four lanes, they are not divided carriageway. From Otorohanga, the highway follows the valley of the Waipa River to Te Kuiti. It then turns southwest through sparsely settled farmland, crossing several ridges before following the Awakino gorge to reach the coast, which it follows around the North Taranaki Bight. You’ll have a really enjoyable campervan trip when you do take this highway from New Plymouth as the scenery is stunning and there are so many great places to stop at on the way.

State Highway 45 is another highway that you can take from New Plymouth. It leaves State Highway 3 at the corner of Leach and Eliot streets northeast of the New Plymouth centre. It then continues west along the New Plymouth one-way network then onto Devon St West and South Road exiting New Plymouth via the southwestern suburbs. At Cape Egmont it turns southeast following the coast passing the Oaonui production station, through Opunake and Manaia before terminating at the northern roundabout in Hawera where it again meets state highway 3. From State Highway 45 to New Plymouth the distance is around 2.4 km, or about 4 mins travel time and it heads east on Devon St. West or State Highway 45 toward Lorna St.

State Highway 44 leaves State Highway 3 at the corners where Leach Street and Courtenay Street intersect with Eliot Street, just northeast of the New Plymouth’scentre. This is also where State Highway 45 begins. It proceeds along Eliot Street to Molesworth Street then west along this stretch of road, which in turn becomes St Aubyn Street then Breakwater Road. This highway Terminates at Port Teranaki and both entrances to the port are part of State Highway 44. The first is via Bayly Road and Ocean View Parade and the other is at the end of Breakwater Road.

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Drive Your Motorhome through New Plymouth’s History

The city of New Plymouth is named after Plymouth, Devon, England from where the first English settlers migrated. It is the financial centre of the Taranaki region, and the city is also well known for its gardens, due to its rich volcanic soil.

New Plymouth has a reputation as an Events Centre, with its major festivals, sports fixtures and concerts. It is also well known for being a coastal city with a mountain within 30 minutes’ drive. You will find many beautiful locations full of history on your campervan journey through the New Plymouth area.