The closest ‘Pick Up’ location for your hired campervan is Dunedin.
Invercargill is only a 2 hour and 45 minutes (205 kilometer) drive east of Dunedin.

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The city of Invercargill is a popular southern town that lies in the Southland region of New Zealand. It is 18 kilometres North of Bluff and people hiring campervans in Invercargill often travel to other parts of New Zealand for their adventure. The town has a large population of 53,000 and there are all kinds of great activities for you to do when you come to stay.

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My Campervan™ can help you find the best motorhomes to stay in when you come to Invercargill. The search option offers the opportunity to specify dates and campervan requirements, matching the available campervans to your needs. As well as travelling in the motorhome rental of your choice, you can even hire a campervan in the Invercargil area with last minute notice, by choosing to hire from My Campervan™.

When you choose to travel by campervan in Invercargill, you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of other benefits. You don’t have to carry around all your possessions, have to struggle managing bad weather or where to store your things safely as you would if you were backpacking. If you do experience a lot of rain or wind, you wont need to worry because you’ll be safe, warm and dry in the comfort of your campervan. While others are trying to pitch their tent in the middle of a storm, or give up, running to the safety of expensive hotels, you can be sipping coffee in your campervan living area.

If you do get caught up in bad weather outside, you can simply run back to your campervan, and dry off using the facilities that are there. If you’ve been for a messy day out to a farm or swimming, you’ll be able to get a shower immediately, instead of having to get back to a hotel to be able to get clean and warm.

If you want additional benefits of laundry facilities in bad weather, You’ll be able to pitch up in a campervan park such as the Bluff Camping Ground, Beach Road Holiday Park, Invercargill Top 10 Holiday Park, Timbertops Motor Park and the Amble On Inn. Some of them have additional activities for children and families during bad weather, others are more basic, but will provide you with safety from any stormy and dangerous weather.

Things to do Near Invercargill in your Hired Campervan

When you choose one of our campervans for your stay in Invercargill, you’ll be able to try all kinds of fun activities including those less accessible without transport. Take a look at some of our suggestions to plan the perfect stay.

You can visit Queens Park, a beautiful park located in the centre of the city. Spread over 80 hectares, this is a great beauty spot to discover for families, as a couple or with friends, or even if travelling on your own.

If you like stunning architecture, you can leave your campervan and go on a walking tour of Invercargill city. Here you can visit St Mary’s Basilica, which was once described as the prettiest church in Australasia.

Those who appreciate the great outdoors like to take a trip to one of the bush reserves, gardens on Invercargill’s outskirts, or swim in the beaches of Invercargill, while people looking for a little retail therapy can take in an excellent shopping trip in Invercargill city.

State Highway 1 veers southwest before reaching the city of Invercargill and this is one of the most convenient highways in New Zealand. It spans the length of both islands and is a direct and fast route to many locations around the country. In central Invercargill, it meets the southern end of State Highway 6 and turns due south, skirting the estuary of the New River and Bluff Harbour. It passes through the small town of Bluff before reaching its terminus at Stirling Point, a kilometre south of Bluff.

Bluff is a great place to stop your motorhome and enjoy some great water sports like white river rafting and fishing. Parts of State Highway 1 are steep by international standards, and most of the steep sections have a combination of passing lanes which run uphill, and crawler lanes or stopping bays which face downhill, to allow heavy and slow vehicles to pull out of the way to let other vehicles pass. You should make sure that you drive with caution on this highway, especially as you will be driving a larger vehicle.

State Highway 6 is a major New Zealand State Highway that runs close to Invercargill. It extends from the northeast of the South Island and travels across the top of the island before going south along the length of the island. You’ll be able to explore the popular West Coast, then the Southern Alps through inland Otago before finally travelling across the Southland Plains to the island’s South Coast when you take this highway. State Highway 6 is the longest single highway in the country, although it is much shorter than the combined totals of the two highways that comprise State Highway 1. You’ll be able to have an amazing adventure if you take your campervan along this road from Invercargill as there are plenty of beauty spots to enjoy along the way. Remember to be careful of the inclines and icy weather conditions of the road as the South Island is known for it’s colder temperatures and it’s mountainous terrain.

For most of its length, State Highway 6 is a two-lane single carriageway, except for the dual carriageway that passes through Invercargill and passing lanes around Nelson. Roundabouts are common on the highway, especially in major towns, although traffic signals only found in Invercargill, Richmond, and Nelson, and controlling the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown and Fern Arch near Westport as these are the busier areas of the highway.

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Drive Your Motorhome through Invercargill’s History

Invercargill is the southernmost and westernmost city in New Zealand, and one of the southernmost cities in the world. It is the commercial centre of the Southland region and is home to the only indoor cycling velodrome in the country. The city is often referred to as ‘The City of Water and Light’ due to the long summer twilights and the Aurora Australis. When you come to stay in Invercargill, you can expect a temperate oceanic climate similar to that of the British Isles.