Affordable Campervan Hire in Hamilton

Choose to start or continue your New Zealand adventure with campervan hire in Hamilton. You’ll be able to explore the Waikato region of New Zealand. Hamilton lies 130 kilometres to the South of Auckland and is easily reachable either by travelling from Auckland in your motorhome rental or you can find a campervan in Hamilton searching on My Campervan. The large population of 206,400 residents that live in Hamilton and the many great activities mean you will have a great time when you come to stay.

Your Campervan Adventure through Hamilton Starts Here

You’ll find great deals on campervans of all sizes, with many different features when you use My Campervan™. You’ll find great options for motorhome hire in Hamilton and can tailor your search based on when you are travelling and your specific requirements. You will find the best motorhome to explore Hamilton in style and comfort at your own leisure.

Campervan holidays in Hamilton are unique and can add variety to your trip. Rather than relying on limited choice hotel food, you can enjoy family cookouts, after a fun packed day of hikes, driving your campervan right up to the coast where you can park for the day or overnight. You can easily access local produce as you drive through the area, which is often cheaper than what is available closer to hotels in the town, or if you prefer fast food, you can choose to have this anytime and anywhere, stopping your campervan whenever you feeling hungry in Hamilton.

Who wouldn’t want to choose a rented motorhome in Hamilton, were you can have the freedom to travel at your own pace to anywhere you want, while always having a warm, dry place to sleep?

If you have any doubts about travelling by campervan in Hamilton, you have no need to be concerned. The vans and motorhomes that you can rent in Hamilton using My Campervan are as easy to drive as cars. It’s perfectly safe for your family, and you’ll find that it is a more affordable and stress-free way to explore larger areas of New Zealand than if you were to backpack or travel from one hotel to another. You won’t even need to take local area guides and tours to find hotels and restaurants, as you’ll be travelling at your own pace and can use your campervan to access many of the places the tour guides take you in and around the Hamilton area.

Motorhome hire in Hamilton is a convenient way for families to stay in the area. The adventure of travelling in a campervan is exciting for children. You can make a stop at any time, when the children squabble and need some space or are restless from lengthy driving. When the children get bored with yet another history lesson, just hop back into your motorhome rental on to the next location around Hamilton and new activities. Importantly, you also have your own restroom facilities in your motorhome, so you never have to struggle to make an inevitable emergency bathroom break.

Remember that as well as the freedom of stopping wherever you fancy for the night, you can also stop at designated Parks if you fancy some additional luxury on your trip. Among some of the places that you’ll be able to park your campervan rental in Hamilton, you will find Narrows Park, Christian Youth Camps Inc., Hamilton City Holiday Park, Glade Holiday Park and the Coromandel Top 10 Holiday Park.

Things to do Near Hamilton in your Hired Campervan

Use your motorhome hire in Hamilton to visit more of the many attractions that the area has to offer than if you relied on public transport, or by incurring the additional cost of a hotel and car separately.

Visit the beautiful Hamilton Gardens, one of the most popular tourist locations in New Zealand. Drive your hired motorhome to the Hamilton Zoo, which is home to over 600 native and exotic animals, your family will love it and you can return to your vehicle for lunch before going back for more.

You can learn about Hamilton’s local culture and history at the nearby Waikato museum, which is another popular choice for visitors, or park up your campervan and take a sightseeing tour around Hamilton town by foot or bicycle.

Finally, you should certainly drive the family to one of the beaches where you can swim or go canoeing on the nearby Waikato River.

There are several State Highways that connect Hamilton to other locations around New Zealand. This makes getting a hired campervan rental from Hamilton an even better idea because you explore not only Hamilton but also the surrounding towns too.

State Highway 1 is a two-lane single carriageway that covers the length of both islands in New Zealand. The highway has intersections and property accesses in both rural and urban areas, and conveniently, it runs through Huntly and Ngaruawahia to Hamilton. You’ll be able to join the highway in your campervan from Hamilton via the west of the city. This particular highway is the perfect choice if you would like to access Cambridge, and Lake Karapiro.

State Highway 3 is one of the best highways to take your motorhome rental through New Zealand as it’s one of the eight National Highways. It links State Highways 1 and 2. You can access this highway in your campervan from Hamilton, and initially the road heads south from Hamilton, through farmland and passing through Te Awamutu.

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Drive Your Motorhome through Hamilton’s History

When you choose a campervan rental, Hamilton will show you in full it’s history and splendour, and you can travel at your own pace, admiring everything that the city has to offer.

Hamilton is the fourth largest city in New Zealand, with plenty of things to do in a bustling and engaging environment. Although the city was once an agricultural centre, it is now the second fastest growing urban area in New Zealand, with only Auckland ahead of it, and relies on numerous industries for it’s economical growth. The city has four sister cities that you can also explore in a motorhome, which are Sacramento, USA; Saitama, Japan; Wuxi, People’s Republic of China (PRC); and Chillan, Chile.

The last eruption of the Lake Taupo volcano complex 1800 years ago was responsible for causing the stunning landscape of the area, which you will be able to enjoy from the comfort of your campervan as you travel in style through this location and the rest of the beautiful Hamilton region.