The closest ‘Pick Up’ location for your hired campervan is Tauranga.
Gisborne is only a 3 hour and 45 minute (287 kilometer) drive east of Tauranga.

Affordable Campervan Hire in Gisborne

The town of Gisborne is a great place to visit, and when you choose campervan rental in Gisborne, you’ll be able to explore this beautiful town and it’s surrounding areas with ease. Gisborne lies 346.8 kilometres southeast from Auckland, and if you were to stay in a hotel in Gisborne, it would not be practical to visit Auckland during your stay without the additional expense of hiring a car. One of the many benefits however of choosing motorhome hire in Gisborne for your stay is that you can easily travel from one location to another, and with interconnecting state highways passing through or near Gisborne, you’ll be able to hop into your campervan and visit Auckland during your stay if it takes your fancy. With a population of 34,300, Gisborne is a heavily populated town, although with the rural nature of New Zealand, all you need to do is take a short drive in your campervan from Gisborne and you’ll be in the peaceful countryside.

Your Amazing Gisborne Campervan Adventure Starts Here

You will no doubt be looking for the best motorhome rentals in Gisborne as you plan your roadtrip . By using our ‘search’ feature, My Campervan™ can help you to find the perfect campervans in Gisborne to match your date and detailed requirements, with some great prices too.

There are many advantages to choosing a campervan rental when you visit Gisborne. You will save time, trouble and money when you choose this form of transport and accommodation for your stay.

Choosing motorhome hire in Gisborne is quite literally a home on wheels, which saves on the major expenses of hotels and restaurants. When you’re travelling from place to place, you will also be rescued from the daily hassle of finding rooms, packing and unpacking, and dragging luggage around.

With a campervan rental in Gisborne, you will also have transport and accommodation for the entire trip with private bathing facilities. This means that you’re never far from the facilities that you may require in a hurry and if you are ever hungry on your travels, you will have access to your very own kitchen! As well as stopping in unique, beautiful and free locations whenever you please, you can also find well equipped parks in the area such as the Waikanae Beach Top 10 Holiday Park, Gisborne Holiday Park and the Gisborne Camping Grounds and Holiday Parks.

Great Things to do Near Gisborne in your Hired Campervan

When you come to Gisborne, you can enjoy all kinds of fun activities to keep you and your travelling companions entertained. There are interesting historical museums in the area such as East Coast Museum of Technology & Transport, and the Tairawhiti Museum where you’ll learn about the local area.

Gisborne is well known for it’s beautiful plants and scenery. You can enjoy walks through the local area, or visit the Eastwoodhill and Hackfalls Arboretums for their beautiful collections of imported trees and shrubs. You should also pay a visit to Gisborne’s Botanical Gardens.

If you enjoy tasting different brews, you should visit the Sunshine Brewing Company, where the famous Gisborne Gold and its big brother Green are brewed. But remember to park up your campervan in one of the Gisborne campsites or a nearby beauty spot so you can sample their fare!

Finally, for a unique experience, why not indulge in the Dive Tatapouri experience. This involves shark cage diving, a reef ecology tour and Rere rockslide.

When you are travelling in your campervan and would like to visit other places apart from Gisborne, you can use one of the main highways near the town. These will connect you with other locations close to the town and further afield too.

State Highway 35 is part of the Pacific Coast Highway Network and is the road to take if you wish to visit the East Cape Region. The East Cape is officially part of the Gisborne District although it is generally referred to as the entire geographical cape between the east of Opotiki and the north of Gisborne. Make sure that you fuel up your motorhome in Opotiki or Gisborne and plan your trip well to ensure you don’t run out of gas, as fuel stations are hard to come by in the area.

State Highway 2 is another highway that you can join to easily take your campervan around locations near Gisborne. You can reach all the major cities and do all of the major activities including hiring a fresh campervan in Auckland and Wellington with ease, as well as seeing stunning scenery and visiting smaller settlements on the way. You’ll find that there are plenty of places to stop overnight and you’ll enjoy the convenience of the road. The highway connects with other major highways along its path such as the longer State Highway 1 which means you can travel to even more locations on your campervan road-trip through Gisborne.

The city’s main road is Gladstone Road, which becomes Wainui Road and State Highway 35 to the east and north. It also becomes Main Road Makaraka and State Highway 2 to the west and south and you’ll be able to reach many motorhome accessible locations outside of Gisborne using the main road.

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Drive Your Motorhome through Gisborne’s History

When you come to stay in your campervan in Gisborne, you’ll be able to learn about the history of the city.

Gisborne is a city in northeastern New Zealand and it is the largest settlement in the Gisborne Region. The city is named after an early Colonial Secretary called William Gisborne. Local industries in Gisborne include agriculture, horticulture, farming and forestry. The Wine production industry is also valuable to the local economy.

Being well known as the first city in the world to greet the sun each day, imagine parking your campervan in Gisborne and be one of the first people in the world to greet it with an al fresco breakfast? It is sometimes known as the City of Rivers because the centre of the city is the convergence of three different rivers, one of which is the shortest river in the country at 1200 metres long.