Affordable Campervan Hire in Dunedin

It’s a great idea to choose campervan hire to explore Dunedin and the surrounding areas with ease when you come to visit. Choosing motorhome hire in Dunedin, you’ll not only be able to explore Dunedin, but also the Otago region of New Zealand. As a major city with a huge population of around 126,000 permanent residents, you’ll find plenty of things to do in the city to keep you busy, and you can park your motorhome in one of many Dunedin campervan parks during your stay too.

Your Dunedin Campervan Adventure Starts Here

If you are planning to use motorhome hire for your trip to Dunedin you should use My Campervan™ to find the best campervans available to ensure you have a fabulous stay. You’ll find all the facilities you need and can compare the many affordable prices to find the campervan that has the facilities you need to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your stay in Dunedin and beyond.

Travelling by campervan is a cheap and convenient way to see lots of locations. You have the comfortable and inviting home from home inside your campervan, and you will be able to get out any time you like and walk around your very own breathtaking garden.

Because you can choose the place where to stop for the night, you can be sure of a great night’s sleep and with so many parks across New Zealand, you’ll be able to sleep in safety too. Choose from parks like the Aaron Lodge Top 10, Dunedin Holiday Park, Leith Valley Touring, Portobello Village and the Lake Waihola Holiday Park amongst many others.

With an excellent track record campervans are large enough for extra space, so if you want to take a lot of things with you, you will be able to, so that your travels in Dunedin and the rest of New Zealand are as comfortable as you like.

Things to do Near Dunedin in your Hired Campervan

When you use My Campervan to rent your motorhome in Dunedin or drive your campervan from elsewhere in New Zealand to Dunedin, you can try many more of the activities that the area has to offer, having your own transport means you’ll be able to fit more into your holiday too. Don’t forget to go past some of the best locations through all of the famous Queenstown spots too.

You can park your campervan and take a swim or surf along the north and south beaches of Dunedin. These beaches are popular places for families to visit when the weather is good.

You can enjoy the sights that Dunedin has to offer, going for a scenic walk in Dunedin or you could even drive or cycle around the Otago Peninsula.

Visit the gardens of Dunedin, which is a popular attraction in the town. Not far from here you can learn about the history of Dunedin and visit some of its remarkable sights such as Speight’s Brewery, Gasworks Museum and the Taieri Gorge Railway.

The Dunedin Southern Motorway is the main arterial route south from the South Island city of Dunedin, and it is part of New Zealand’s State Highway 1. This highway is famous for being one of the world’s southernmost motorways. State Highway 1 traverses Dunedin as two multiple-lane one-way streets, travelling past the University of Otago and the city centre, before re-joining as a single multiple-lane road at the Andersons Bay intersection.

George Street is the main street of Dunedin, the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. You can take this highway that runs for 2.5 kilometres to travel north-northeast from The Octagon in the city centre to the foot of Pine Hill. The road is straight and undulates gently as it skirts the edge of the hills to its northwest, so unlike other roads in the South Island, you don’t need to worry about fears of heights while traversing it in your campervan.

State Highway 87 allows you to travel from Dunedin to the Taieri Plains and the Strath-Taieri Valley in Otago, connecting Mosgiel to the west of Dunedin to Kyeburn on the eastern flank of the Maniototo Plains. The highway is two-lane for its entire length, and there are three sets of traffic lights in Mosgiel. You can travel along the whole of this highway with little difficulty, as State Highway 87 has a total length of 114 kilometres and plenty of things to see and do on the way.

Finally, State Highway 88 is a New Zealand State Highway that connects the city centre of Dunedin with Port Chalmers,the location of Dunedin’s main port facilities and home of one of New Zealand’s major container terminals. It is roughly 18 kilometres long and this is the road that you’ll use when you want to try some of Dunedin’s water sport activities. State Highway 88 begins at Cumberland Street/ Castle Street in Dunedin, and ends at Port Chalmers. You can join the highway close to the city centre. The highway is notoriously dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians due to its winding and in places narrow nature, the heavy container traffic between the port, city, heavy industrial works close to Logan Park and the lack of footpaths for much of its length. You should take care when driving along it to avoid accidents.

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Drive Your Motorhome through Dunedin’s History

When you choose a campervan rental in Dunedin, you’ll be able to enjoy the history that the area has to offer.

Dunedin is the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and it is considered to be one of the four main urban centres of New Zealand for historic, cultural, and geographic reasons.

The city’s main industry is tertiary education. The city is home to the popular University of Otago, New Zealand’s first university (1869), and the Otago Polytechnic.

The name ‘Dunedin’ comes from ‘Dùn Èideann’, which is the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland and was given to the city by the first settlers in the area.

By 1990, the population decline of the city had steadied and slow growth has occurred since. Dunedin has even re-invented itself as a ‘heritage city’ with its main streets refurbished in Victorian style.