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Christchurch is a major city in the Canterbury region of New Zealand, with a larger population of 367,700 permanent residents. This large and vibrant city has all kinds of great activities for you to try and if you are interested in motorhome hire in Christchurch, or if you want to hire your campervan rental elsewhere and drive to Christchurch, you’ll find a great deals on fabulous motorhomes when you use My Campervan.

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My Campervan is the place to visit when you need to search for your perfect campervan in Christchurch. Our search feature allows you to choose the dates that you want a campervan rental and we’ll help you to find the best price for your stay.

You should consider staying in a campervan instead of choosing regular accommodation when you visit Christchurch, as there are so many advantages for people who are seeking a little adventure and a bit more freedom.

There are many places to visit and park overnight while in your motorhome in and around Christchurch. You can stay for free in many beautiful locations, simply stopping your motorhome overnight for free wherever takes your fancy around the Christchurch area. You could enjoy watching the sun go down on the beach, and then wake up in the same location in the morning. You can park your motorhome near the amazing Christchurch seashore, stay there overnight and drive off when you please.

Expenses can be kept to a minimum with free camping, limited driving and stocking up at supermarkets as well as being able to choose proper camp sites and designated parks if you would like to feel more secure and a bit pampered. Examples of these include the Christchurch Top 10 Holiday Park – Meadow Park, North South Holiday Park, All Seasons Holiday Park, Hibburt Park and the Little River Campground.

An Affordable Way to Travel With a Campervan Around Christchurch

You can enjoy all kinds of great activities in New Zealand and you can enjoy more of them with your campervan in Christchurch.

You can discover one of the world’s premier military aviation collections at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand or park up your motorhome and rent motorcycles, cruising along endless winding roads, surrounded by breathtaking views.

You can go tank driving for something a little more fun and adventurous, where you’ll have the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the biggest armoured vehicles in the world on a private off-road track and put them through their paces.

Visit the Mazes at Tothill with your family, where you’ll find a maize corn maze from January to April, as well as Christchurch’s only wooden maze and a lawn labyrinth. You can really enjoy spending time with your family running through the maze and then have a picnic in the beautiful surroundings.

Alpine Ice is Christchurch’s only Ice Sports and Entertainment Centre and you can come here to enjoy all kinds of fun ice sports, or just watch a match.

When you travel in one of our New Zealand campervans to and from Christchurch you will find yourself at some point on State Highway 73 is a major east-west South Island State Highway in New Zealand and it connects Christchurch with Greymouth and Hokitika on the West Coast via the Southern Alps. It is mostly two-lane traffic, with some single-lane bridges to the north of Springfield. You will find yourself driving your motorhome along mostly dual carriageway in Christchurch with some sections of the road currently being upgraded to motorway status. For many years this was the route connecting the West and East Coasts of the South Island via the Southern Alps, which was known by the Māori people due to a flourishing pounamu trade.

State Highway 74 is a State Highway in New Zealand servicing the eastern suburbs of Christchurch and it also connects the city to its port town of Lyttelton. This highway is mostly two-lane, and has limited-access expressways.

State Highway 80 is a South Island State Highway in New Zealand known as Mount Cook Road. You can access this highway from Christchurch and it is a popular tourist road between the settlements of Twizel and Mount Cook Village for those who chose motorhome hire in Christchurch. The road is about 55 kilometres in length and mostly two lanes, with a few single-lane bridges. Motorhome travellers who travel between Christchurch and Queenstown often deviate here to visit New Zealand’s highest mountain Aoraki or Mount Cook.

State Highway 1 is the longest road in the New Zealand road network and you should note that State Highway 1 is known in South Island as SH 1S, this is what you may need to look out for on maps. It passes through Amberley before becoming the Christchurch Northern Motorway, bypassing Kaiapoi. The motorway ends to the north of Styx and bypasses Christchurch to the northwest through Harewood and Yaldhurst.

To the south of Christchurch the highway becomes virtually straight as it crosses the wide fan of the Canterbury plains. It then crosses the country’s longest bridge at Rakaia before reaching Ashburton, and then veering back towards the coast, which it reaches at Timaru. You’ll be able to see all these stunning landmarks on your travels in your motorhome rental to and from Christchurch.

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Drive Your Campervan through Christchurch’s History

Christchurch is the largest city in New Zealand’s South Island and it is known for having one of the highest quality water supplies in the world.

The city received its status by Royal Charter on 31 July 1856, which makes Christchurch the oldest established city in New Zealand.

The Māori name for Christchurch is Ōtautahi, which means ‘the place of Tautahi’, whilst the city’s European name is often abbreviated by New Zealanders to Chch. You will be able to explore these and many other historical sites when you hire one of our campervans and stay in and around Christchurch.