The closest ‘Pick Up’ location is one of our Hamilton campervans depot.
Cambridge is only a 25 minute (23 kilometre) drive south of Hamilton.

Affordable Campervan Hire in Cambridge

Cambridge is a town with a population of 16,600 and lies in the Waikato region of New Zealand. If you choose a campervan rental when you come to stay in Cambridge, you’ll be able to enjoy many great activities in the town as well as exploring the region and nearby towns and cities. There are many advantages to choosing motorhome hire in Cambridge not least the the freedom to travel when and where you please. For example you’ll be able to visit Hamilton with ease in your campervan as Cambridge lies just 24 kilometres southeast of Hamilton.

Your Cambridge Campervan Adventure Starts Here

When you are planning your campervan holiday in Cambridge, you should use My Campervan™ to find the best motorhomes available to suit your needs and desires. There are a number of different campervans available to compare when you use our search feature, ensuring your Cambridge visit is as relaxing as possible.

There are many great reasons for choosing a campervan rental in Cambridge for your stay. Unlike when camping in a tent, the rain will seep through and soak everything you own. A motorhome also ensures that you are safe inside in all weathers, whilst a tent may blow away in extreme weather condition. It is also worth remembering that your campervan can be locked up while you explore Cambridge, while a tent is not fully secure.

You will feel comfortable when you are travelling on the road as you can use campervan as a second home. They are an ideal option if you’re planning to be on the road a lot during your stay, allowing you to stop regularly in comfort.

If you are the kind of person who needs to take their work with them whilst they are on holiday, you’ll be pleased to know that motorhomes in Cambridge can act as your mobile office. Though you are camping you can keep a work station area in the campervan and as you have the keys, you will be able to keep confidential work locked away from prying eyes. Motorhomes rented using our My Campervan service also have plenty of space for storing samples and brochures, as well as hanging space for keeping your work clothes neat.

If you are the type of person or family who prefers to stop overnight or longer in a safe and more formal environment, there are a number of sites that offer different things to choose from, and some offer additional packages such as family entertainment and places to eat, if that if what you are after. Examples of where to stay include the Cambridge Motor Park, Nomad Campervan Rentals Ltd and Cambridge Country Lodge and Backpackers.

Fun Things to do Near Cambridge in your Hired Campervan

You can try more of many activities and visit more of the local area when you choose campervan hire for your stay in Cambridge.

You can visit the ecological delight of Maungatautari’s wildlife sanctuary. Families often like to take a river tour to and from the base of the Karapiro Dam, which is an exhilarating experience going through the rapids and waterfalls. For something a little less intense, why not visit Lake Karapiro and take a cruise on the Karapiro Cruiser.

You can also visit Lake Te Ko Utu and take walk along its well-established tracks and walkway, or if you want to stay within the town, go along to Cambridge Tree Trust and get involved in the town’s efforts to protect and maintain Cambridge town’s collection of trees.

Cambridge is situated on State Highway 1, which is the longest and most significant road in the New Zealand road network. This is a long highway that runs the length of both main islands. Taking your Campervan across State Highway 1, Cambridge is approximately 2 hours drive from the Auckland International Airport and is a pleasant drive when you are in the comfort of your own motorhome.

The route of State Highway 1 will take you through Cambridge and along the shore of Lake Karapiro. This is the last of eight artificial lakes on the Waikato River. The highway then leaves the Waikato River at Piarere. Finally, the highway continues to the town of Tirau, where it heads south to pass through Putaruru and Tokoroa and the surrounding pine forest area. You will be able to see all the stunning scenery from the highway, and if you find a particular spot that you like the look of, you can simply stop in your campervan somewhere in the Cambridge area and stay there for as long as you like.

The highway has one spur, which is called State Highway 1B. Its route takes you from Taupiri to Cambridge, providing a bypass for the nearby city of Hamilton.

Victoria Road is another main highway that you will most likely travel along in your campervan, and it runs through Cambridge. It is around 13.1 kilometres in length and is mostly lined with green grass and stunning trees. As you can probably tell, the main highways in Cambridge are breathtaking routes, and you’ll find that it is a pleasure to drive along them.

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Drive Your Motorhome through Cambridge’s History

Cambridge is a tree-lined town, which is aptly named as the ‘Town of Trees and Champions’. It is the biggest municipality in the Waipa District and is probably best known for its thoroughbred horse studs and stables. When you visit Cambridge in your motorhome hire, you’ll be able to see the various equestrian establishments that are located all around the town.

There are many notable ‘champions’ that have lived or live in the area. These include members of The Datsuns, Sir Vaughan Jones and equestrian and double Olympic gold medal winner Mark Todd. Cambridge is the perfect place for horse racing enthusiasts and those who have an interest in horse racing.

Cambridge is located close to Lake Karapiro, one of the world’s premium rowing lakes in the whole world. You can enjoy the many lakes and bodies of water around Cambridge and try many fun activities.