The closest ‘Pick Up’ location for your hired campervan is Christchurch.
Ashburton is only a 1 hour and 20 minute (86 kilometer) drive south of Christchurch.

Campervan Hire, Ashburton

The town of Ashburton has a large population of 30,100, with plenty of activities for tourists to partake in and all kinds of beautiful landmarks and scenic areas to explore nearby. When you are planning a visit to the town, you should consider our motorhome hire service in Ashburton for your stay so that you can really explore the town and surrounding areas in the Canterbury region too. As Ashburton is just 85 kilometres southwest of Christchurch, you’ll be able to visit this famous city as well, when you choose our campervan rental for your stay.

Your Ashburton Campervan Adventure Starts Here

When you are in Ashburton, please look at our our campervan rental options, as you can let the team at My Campervan™ help you find the best vehicle for your holiday. Some of our motorhomes are basic and cheap, made specifically for Ashburtonss campervan backpackers or simply just for a safe night’s stay, while other vehicles are a little bit more expensive but can offer you more benefits for your stay like entertainment, showers, toilets and more. Among some of the choices that you’ll have when you use our vans, you’ll find the Coronation Holiday Park, Ashburton Holiday Park and Mt. Somers Holiday Park as great options to stay around the Ashburton area.

There are many benefits to be had from travelling by campervan in and around Ashburton. You should consider this method of accommodation and transport if you’d like to have a real adventure.

You can have your creature comforts such as luxury, cleanliness, and warmth unlike the opposite conditions that you’d get from camping in a tent. You do not have to sleep surrounded by piles of clothes, cooking equipment and shoes, plus you can sleep in your own bed!

Your campervan rental in Ashburton will come equipped with a kettle, so you don’t need to miss out on that essential cup of coffee in the morning. If you were camping, you’d have to leave your tent and brave whatever weather was outside to enjoy your early morning beans on toast!

You can enjoy far more convenience than you’d get if you were camping in a tent because you don’t have any setting up to do when you get to your destination, giving you more time to explore and enjoy the surroundings. You’ll find that travelling by campervan in and around Ashburton is a cheap and convenient way to see lots of lovely locations.

Things to do Near Ashburton in your Hired Campervan

When you visit Ashburton with your hired campervan, you’ll be able to experience all kinds of great things and enjoy the activities that the town has to offer.

The annual Wheels Week event in May is a must for families that choose a campervan for their trip to Ashburton. This fun filled week has some attractions that are only available for the event, but there are also many heritage attractions that can be explored all year round, including the Ashburton Vintage Car Museum, the Plains Railway and Historical Village, Lynn Historical Woodworking Trust, and the Ashburton Aviation Museum, with a huge collection of planes from yesteryear and displays of the years it spent as an air force training base during World War II.

Many people who stay in a campervan rental in Ashburton visit and shop at the Ashburton Arcade, which used to be the town’s livery stables and sale yards. You can pick up bargains and unusual things here.

There are also several fun activities that you can try to make your adventure a little more memorable. Activities like hot air ballooning over the Canterbury Plains, fly fishing in the Rakaia River and even skiing at Mt Hutt are just some of the possibilities.

State Highway 1 is easily accessible from Ashburton, and this is the longest road in the whole of New Zealand. It spans the North Island with a distance of 1106 kilometres and it is 941 kilometres in the South Island, so that’s a total length of 2047 kilometres long. For most of its length, State Highway 2 is a two-lane single carriageway, with at-grade intersections and property accesses, in both rural and urban areas. If you’re visiting friends and family in your rented campervan from Ashburton, it’s probable that you’ll be able to reach them quite easily from State Highway 1. Sections of motorway can be found in the vicinity of Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland and Dunedin, and Ashburton is located on State Highway 1 just 86 kilometres south of Christchurch. So, with your motorhome rental you’ll be able to easily visit any of these great nearby towns and cities.

State Highway 77 becomes Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road after the widening near the river, and rises towards the plains again. It emerges onto the plains but passes below the towering Mount Hutt. The road is often covered with ice and snow over in sheltered areas during the calmer periods of the winter months in higher parts of the road so you should take care whilst driving your campervan through here. The road turns left, 10 kilometres north of Alford Forest and proceeds through arable farmland and changes name again to Mount Hutt Station Road before it arrives in Methven, where it’s name becomes Main Street. You can use State Highway 77 to enjoy a scenic adventure and really see the beauty near Ashburton whilst travelling in your motorhome hire.

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Take Your Motorhome through Ashburton’s History

Ashburton is the seat of the Ashburton District. This territorial authority encompasses Ashburton and the surrounding area, which is known as ‘Mid-Canterbury’.

The town was given its name by Captain Joseph Thomas of the New Zealand Land Association – who did not own a campervan. ‘Ashburton’ is in honour of Francis Baring, 3rd Baron Ashburton, who was a member of the Canterbury Association.

The main trade in Ashburton is agriculture, as it lies in the fertile alluvial Canterbury Plains. This is the perfect environment for agricultural activity such as dairying, provided irrigation is used, which is amazing to see when on the road with your motorhome.

There are several famous people who have lived in Ashburton over the years, including the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jenny Shipley, international operatic tenor Simon O’Neill, Olympic silver medal cyclist Hayden Roulston and New Zealand television and radio personality Simon Barnett.