About Us

My Campervan™ was derived from Jack travelling around New Zealand in a couple of different brands of campervans and caravans. It wasn’t until Jack actually built strong relationships with larger campervan hire businesses such as Britz and Apollo that he decided that using these contacts, he could pass on some great savings to tourists, as well as share some experience from his adventures.

On a weekly basis, all of the comparative price on My Campervan™ are updated, this ensures that you get the best price for the period that you are planning on traveling. Through the website, you are also able to make bookings as far as a year out from the holiday.

With this, if the website is too confusing or you do not want to sit down and compare pricing and sizes, etc, My Campervan™ also provides you with numbers that you can call, depending on what country you are calling from:

  • Calling from Australia: 1300 342 293
  • Calling from New Zealand: 0800 556 606

This means that our friendly staff can assist you over the phone, from what campervan to potentially use based on the length of your trip, what facilities you would need / like in the campervan and even up to how many people who you would be looking to sleep.

As with most holidays, going to all of the capital cities is one thing, although you don’t see the world, until you have gone off the beaten track.