A Traveler’s Top Five When Visiting Invercargill

Invercargill sits on the southernmost and westernmost region of New Zealand – it makes the city one of the southernmost cities all over the world. It is widely known as the commercial center of New Zealand’s Southland region. While it lies in the heart of the Southland Plains, it is also bordered by huge areas of conservation land and marine reserves – which makes it a good start for Invercargill campervan adventures.

When you visit new cities, town, or even countries – you would want the perfect itinerary. Experienced travelers who have been to this part of New Zealand highly suggest that you to these attractions. Because once you go through an Invercargill campervan adventure, getting lost or getting stuck between two decisions should not be a problem for you. Here are five of the tourist attractions around Invercargill.

The Top Five

To start your adventure, ride off to Andersons Park. A notable Invercargill business, Sir Robert Anderson, built the house in 1925, and it still stands even to this day. In 1951, the city decided to use the house to display Invercargill’s art – with a number of early European works but focusing solely on New Zealand’s local art. Indulge yourself in the Georgian style residence within twenty-four hectares of landscaped gardens.

After that, continue your Invercargill campervan adventure by going to the town of Bluff. It also serves as a seaport in the Southland region. The town of Bluff is one of the earliest areas where European presence was established. One of the attractions in Bluff is what they call the Stirling Point – it is an attraction itself because it carries the distinctive and infamous bright yellow sign post. While you are there in Bluff, visit their Maritime Museum and find out what the Perseverance ship went through in 1813.

From there, you could go to the Southland Museum and Art Gallery, it lies beside Queens Park. The museum could be easily identified because of its very distinct design – a pyramid shaped façade will greet you. It is home to the unique roaring forties gallery displaying technological displays and even Henry, the 110-year-old Tuatara and his family. History and art buffs will definitely love this place.

Moving on, go to the Don Street Facades. Situated in the heart of Invercargill’s shopping district, this destination is definitely a scene. This place includes a lovely collection of heritage buildings from the Victorian Architecture and the Arts and Crafts style of Tudor Houses. Another attraction is the large Umbrella sculpture which acts as both a sundial and a planetarium. Your Invercargill campervan adventure will surely be one hell of a ride.

Last but not the least of all, visit the Water Tower. It is one of the oldest and famous statues around the city. In almost all parts of the city, the Water Tower can be seen – which makes it the perfect attraction of all. The tours of the Water Tower are usually done on Sundays – making it available to the public and letting the travelers climb the 40 meter structure to behold the wonderful view of the city from above. This last stop plus a marvelous sunset will definitely be a nice way to end your Invercargill campervan adventure.

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