5 Top Tips for Traveling with Kids in New Zealand

Everyone loves kids since they are cute and funny. They are like angels from above. But when you travel with kids, they can transform into little monsters.  And because of that, many would not want to travel with kids. They are bossy and they often throw tantrums a lot. Instead of a having a happy trip, you are out there pampering the kids, stopping them from their crying. However, traveling with kids can also be a remarkable experience. You just need enough preparation to get everything right.

Among the many places that kids would love to spend their holiday is New Zealand. New Zealand is a very popular tourist spot because of its scenic views. Aside from that, there are many fun-filled activities you can do in New Zealand with your kids along. So to avoid spoiling the fun, here are the top five tips on how to make the kids behave while traveling in New Zealand.

Leave early

Though you might get a hard time preparing the kids for your travel, leaving early is the best time to go for a trip. The kids are still sleepy and sooner or later, they will fall asleep again inside your rental vehicle or your own campervan. Leaving early is also a great way to ditch heavy traffic. No traffic plus no whining kids is equal to a peaceful campervan ride. Ain’t that easy?

Bribe them with games

If your kids suddenly wake up and noticed that they are in a long hour campervan ride, silence them with their favorite games. You can bring along with you your PSPs, tablets or any handheld devices that are installed with games. The game I-Spy is popular among kids. If your kids are all occupied playing games, expect to have a one sweet campervan ride in New Zealand.

Fill their kiddy bags with goodies

Kids love sporting up their own bags. Be sure that each of your kid has their own bagpack filled with goodies. The goodies can be their favorite snacks and tiny toys. They love to open their bag and pull out something interesting. This is another way of keeping them occupied.

Have enough change of clothes

A long campervan ride might be exhausting. Though your destination is New Zealand, your kids can also break a sweat since they move a lot and are very playful. To prevent them from crying due to uncomfy clothes, get ready with enough change of clothes. This would also prevent your kids from catching cold and flu during your campervan New Zealand travel.

Bring their favorite food

Another way to have a sweet campervan ride with your kids is to have enough supply of food. Kids always eat a little, but they always eat from time to time. If you don’t want your kids to crack an endless cry, stuff their mouth with their favorite food. They would be busy nibbling the food on their hand, thus, forgetting to whine.

Following these tips will lift a heavy burden on your shoulder. Kids also have the right to travel so don’t leave them out. Let them taste the fun of traveling.

Jack Kent

About Jack Kent

Jack Kent loves the outdoors and nothing is more enjoyable than driving his Britz campervan around the North and South islands of New Zealand. When Jack isn't driving his motorhome around, he is drinking beers with his mates, mountain biking through country New Zealand and blogging about what New Zealand has to offer.

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